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JustOutdoor offers an online media marketplace for media. The Services include the Site and may also be located on third party websites or applications either by way of a link from an add-on service to, or otherwise in connection with, websites that such third parties control. Users who register and meet the qualifications of a Media Seller (defined below) can create and display Product Profiles describing media products or services that they either own or have the exclusive representation rights to market and sell."Media Seller" means any person using the Site or Services who offers for sale or lease media products or services. Media Sellers may request the services of JustOutdoor to create and display Premium Profiles that incur a Service Cost (as defined below). Premium Profiles are Product Profiles with additional Asset Detail Profiles created and made visible to registered advertising agency users and include individual media product location information, rates, audience information, media kits as well as other information.
Other users may search the marketplace and submit Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and/or Requests Quotes (RFQs) through the Service with the intent to gather information and/or make purchases of media products or services offered by the Media Seller. Media Sellers may receive RFPs or RFQs through the Service and may incur Service Costs (as defined below) by doing so.
Nothing in any of the Services shall be deemed an offer or promise to sell a specific product for a specific price or on any specified terms. JustOutdoor does not guarantee the price, terms, product, availability or services offered or provided by any third party. JustOutdoor is not legally responsible for, and does not warrant, represent or guarantee any goods, services, information or otherwise provided by third parties. If you should have a dispute with a third party, JustOutdoor is in no way legally responsible for any claims in law or equity, demands or actual, consequential, incidental, nominal, special or punitive damages of any type, whether known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, disclosed or undisclosed, arising out of or in any way connected with such claim, demand or dispute.